From Wroclaw with love: Natalia Malek, PhD

I cannot believe that it’s been five years, four months and twelve days….

What’s more I cannot believe that it is over. But as you know everyone has to finally make a step in his own direction, therefore it was time for me to defend the thesis and say goodbye. During my stay I’ve learned not only lot of techniques and good lab practice but also tools that might help in my carrier further on. One of this is ability to write good grant and scholarship applications (together we got more of those than I can count). As a result I received START scholarship funded by The Foundation for Polish Science. It is a great honor for me, but also for all lab members, as no one can achieve anything by himself. You need people around you that lead, support and encourage you to be a better version of yourself. I was lucky to spend all this years with you and I doubt that I will be a part of another DreamTeam anytime soon.


Huggs and kisses,