about us


We are a group of young enthusiasts actively involved in a research aimed at understanding of the mechanisms of chronic pain. These mechanisms are focused on pain modulation processes and characteristics of endogenous system involved in the transmission of pain stimuli with particular attention to endocannabinoid system.

Enthusiasm is absolutely necessary if you ever want to accomplish anything of value and it just so happens that PAIN LAB members are young, enthusiastic scientists, combining a good understanding of the research ideas with a solid university experienceand very strong motivation for scientific work.

PAIN LAB was established in June 2013 by the IF PAN Scientific Council thanks to the National Science Centre (NCN) funding.



The Head of Pain Lab is a neuropharmacologist leading a research group based at the Institute of Pharmacology Polish Academy of Sciences ( Katarzyna (see full CV) has a longstanding interest in the area of pain and analgesia, particularly in understanding of the functional significance of endovanilloid involvement in nociceptive transmission at supraspinal and spinal level. Her interests focus on bridging large gaps in the field of pain neurobiology concerning the pathomechanisms of chronic pain with the aim to pinpoint novel targets for the development of new pain therapies. READ MORE








Magda is a Laboratory Technician and MSc in Biochemistry. She is involved in studies describing contribution and relationships of the endocannabinoids/endovaniloids under chronic pain conditions. Currently her research is focused on the role of endocannabinoids in pain associated with the development of osteoarthritis. She is also interested in studying of the function of cannabinoid receptor ligands in the regulation of chondrocytes and osteoblast activity. Outside the lab world, being a big house music fan, she explores places with the finest vibes. Magda is a devoted social events planner. She also bravely supports creation of pain lab visual identity and our website design.







Jakub is a Master’s Student in Neuroscience at Jagiellonian University. He is doing his first lab work with western blot technique and behavioral studies using kinetic weight bearing instrument. He is drawn to the pharmacological research on Endocannabinoid system and its role in inflammatory events. Beyond the scientific interests, he also enjoys boardsports like skateboarding or snowboarding, spending time in nature and analog devices.





Katarzyna Dudek, Faculty of Biology and Earth Sciences, Jagiellonian University (Academic year 2015/2016)

Visiting Students

Adrian Kobiela, University College London (summer 2015)

Former Members

Mateusz Kucharczyk (2013-2015)
Natalia Małek (2011-2017)
Agnieszka Pająk (2013-2016)