Natalia among the winners of the 2015 L’Oréal Prize for Women in Science

7th of October was a special day for PainLab, especially for Natalia, who was awarded with the L’Oreal Poland – UNESCO Award for Women in Science, in the 15th edition of this program. Royal Castle in Warsaw hosted the award ceremony; this place shows exclusivity and importance of this celebration. Natalia received the scholarship for the PhD students in their last year of studies.

The program L’Oréal Poland For Women in Science is to provide financial support and the promotion of scientific achievements of talented women scientists and encourage them to continue to work towards the development of science. Each year, the scholarship program For Women in Science, organized in partnership between L’Oréal Poland, Polish Committee UNESCO and the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, awards five exceptional women. Two scholarships for PhD students and three stipends for more advanced scientists as a recognition of their habilitation thesis. Furthermore, the Ministry of Science and Higher Education awarded each laureate with an additional award; they cover all expenses related to laureates’ attendance at a scientific conference in Europe. “The scholarship is first and foremost a great honor and motivation for further work. It is also proof that scientific work even at an early stage can be rewarded. Of course nothing of this would be possible without support I got from PainLab. I’m lucky to work with people full of passion and commitment” – said Natalia.

Natalia is not the first PainLab member rewarded by L’Oréal Poland For Women in Science. Our leader, Kasia Starowicz got stipend for recognition of her habilitation thesis in 2012. We also hope that this is not the last one for the PainLab. During the award ceremony Wioletta Rosolowska, CEO of L’Oreal Poland, said “In today’s world of limited resources, science needs women more than ever before. To make learning equally able to serve everyone, regardless of race, gender or age, the scientific community should be as diverse as it is varied society today”. Thus, apparently it’s a positive that our lab is dominated by women.

The whole team congratulates Natalia!  🙂