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MAJ INSTITUTE PHARMACOLOGY POLISH ACADEMY OF SCIENCES consists of 14 departments and 6 laboratories; the Institute has a high position in the ranking of European research institutions pursuing biomedical research, is classified second in the ranking of Polish biomedical research institutions (in 2002) and has status of Centre of Excellence for Neuropharmacology and status of a Leading National Research Centre (KNOW).

The Institute has 200 full-time employees in all, including: 76 scientific researches (37 of them being professors and assoc. professors); 72 technicians and 52 other employees

The Institute of Pharmacology is authorized to confer the academic degrees of PhD (doctorate) and DSc (habilitation) in medical sciences, both in the field of medical biology.

THE MAIN  SCOPE OF THE INSTITUTE’S ACTIVITIES: psychopharmacology, neurochemistry, neurophysiology, molecular neurobiology, pharmaceutical chemistry and bioinformatics; theoretical chemical studies (receptor modeling)

SCIENTIFIC ACIVITY: In the years 1954-2013, 6780 papers were published (of which 3315 were original) and 21 patents were granted to the Institute’s scientists. In 2014 IF PAN researchers published 137 original papers and 303 conference communications

FACILITIES: 4 innovative laboratories for brain research (genomics, proteomics, cellular signaling and chemical synthesis, founded by POIG.02.01.00-00-056/08-ModBud), animal house facilities modernized to meet EC standards (CV and SPF)

 Institute of Pharmacology is a Foreign Institution with a PHS Approved Animal Welfare Assurance (Assurance Number A5354-01)

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