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Turn ideas into actions: how we transformed the idea of having a webpage into reality

Exactly one year ago, neurons sparked in our heads and enlightened us with an idea “Let’s show up”. This one brilliant thought evoked an avalanche of concepts and convinced us to create this website.   read more


Immerse yourself in laboratory research: Students Summer Internship

In early July Jakub and Adrian joined our team for a two-moth summer internship. The two students will be immersed in the research experience, giving them a taste of life at the bench. read more

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New equipment arrived! Bioseb innovation now in our hands!

On July 9 we were finally able to open a huge wooden box that had arrived a week before. Assisted by Anne Desevre, a product development manager for Bioseb (France), we could finally experience the potentials of Kinetic Weight Bearing apparatus, which was founded by our newest research project OPUS no. 2014/13/B/NZ7/02311.
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