Neuronus 2020 under special circumstances

Neuronus 2020 was supposed to be held in March 2020 in Cracow. Unfortunately, due to global COVID-19 pandemic, it was set on hold and eventually rescheduled to December (probably the last possible moment to keep 2020 part!). However, the second wave of infections hit the Europe in Autumn and the organizers had to prepare for online conference.

It is still a new form of connecting with others for many of us but the Neuronus 2020 organizing committee have risen to the challenge. Combining multiple networking platforms such as sched, slack and zoom could have seen complicated at the beginning but eventually allowed to mimic the conference environment as well as possible. As usual, Neuronus programme is raising the bar with great plenary lectures and various scientific sessions, including well-established and young but notable researchers from all around the world.

Marta and Kuba had a chance to present the results of their research as virtual posters and network with some of their old friends. Marta had discussed her results regarding molecular changes in nervous tissue in animal model of osteoarthritis, whereas Kuba showed his work upon signalling bias role in tolerance development for analgesic effects of CB2 agonists. Moreover, our former student Przemysław has also been presenting results of his Master thesis regarding β-caryophyllene therapeutic potential in osteoarthritis.

Even though it may be much harder to focus on a whole day of lectures while sitting in front of the computer, the scientific committee did their best to draw the attention of the attendees by providing high-class lectures. Congratulations to the organizers and everyone who could present their results during the conference. Hopefully, we can meet in person and catch up in Cracow during next Neuronus in 2022.