Turn ideas into actions: how we transformed the idea of having a webpage into reality

Exactly one year ago, neurons sparked in our heads and enlightened us with an idea “Let’s show up”. This one brilliant thought evoked an avalanche of concepts and convinced us to create this website.  

We wanted to create a space where a group of science enthusiast could share their everyday lab life experiences, talk about our research aimed at the understanding of the mechanisms of chronic pain and present our current investigations. In brief, a place where we could share and spread a common passion: a passion for SCIENCE! A minute later….oh wait! No! “A brainstorm later” we decided to make this happen – to turn all these ideas into actions.

It seemed to be a pretty simple task. At the outset, we decided to start with photos, so everyone could meet us. The photo session was held at Miodova Restaurant.  Thanks to the kindness of the owners, we were hosted in Miodova’s beautiful setting.  All this was  documented by Tomasz Toton one fine October Saturday morning.

We really appreciate Tomasz’s amazing photographs. He’s brilliant, well organized, patient and has a gift for seeing things others might have missed and for figuring out our character traits immediately. Every single photo brings us a lot of joy. Thank you Tomasz, for this unusual experience!  We also acknowledge Magda, his wife and “behind the scene” assistant, who perfectly selects the best photo shots.

And thus came the most difficult task. We needed to put all our ideas, all our imaginations about how our logo should look like in words in order to explain it to graphic designers. Well…to be honest we knew exactly how we did not want it to look like, rather than having a clear idea on the logo itself. We didn’t even expect it could be such a difficult task.  After a few weeks of discussions, long hours of inspiration searching and a dozen of rejected projects we finally found what we were looking for! Our teamwork with Farma Projektow  turned out to be a success! Many thanks to Magda, Wojtek, Ela and Ania who learned about our research and who listened with patience about our expectations. After exclaiming „we got it!” all things including the template for lectures and posters, business card projects, email footers, letterheads and, finally, web page design were much easier to handle.

A lot of time had passed from the „sparkling neurons” idea (October) to its implementation (June the following year). But it was worth waiting! Our buzzing and active webpage gives you all a warm welcome! So now you can simply enjoy www.painlab.pl